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Photon Delivery Vehicle

Posted ago by Douglas Hackney

Photon Delivery Vehicle – Vehicles come in all shapes and sizes. Just about every type of vehicle gets customized. This tour bus is my winner for “best customized vehicle, unlimited class” this week.    

Urban Prerunner

Posted ago by Douglas Hackney

Urban Prerunner – The Toyota Prerunner model was introduced to leverage the mystique of purpose-built trucks used to pre-run off-road race courses. “Pre-runners” are typically street licensed but often only marginally street legal, often being full-blown race chassis and drivelines …

Fuso Units at Work

Posted ago by Douglas Hackney

  We visited the world’s largest open pit copper mine at Chuquicamata, Chile today. While we were there we had the chance to see the trucks referenced in the post “Fuso Units” at work. The mine uses 94 of these …

Fuso Units

Posted ago by Douglas Hackney

Those of you who remember the post “How Big is Big” will remember that we try to express size in units other than arbitrary measures such as meters or feet. Today’s example uses units of Fuso. Yesterday we found something …

The Gas Man

Posted ago by Douglas Hackney

  One of the challenges of world travel is procuring fuel. Generally gasoline and diesel are not a problem unless you are in an area of spot shortages such as Patagonia, where we are now. Propane, however, can be a …

Hitt Wash Crossing

Posted ago by Douglas Hackney

30 July, 2007 Hitt Wash Santa Maria Mountains Northwest Arizona, USA The white Toyota Tacoma pickup slowly moved into the water, dipping its front wheels in gradually and proceeding until the rears were also half submerged. It paused on the …