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One for OJ

Posted ago by Douglas Hackney

19 July, 2010 While Scott is out wandering the world, we are left to more pedestrian, plebeian pursuits. Devoid of exotic destinations, we must settle for the typical, the mundane, the merely domestic. (click on image for larger size) That’s …

The Old Ways

Posted ago by Douglas Hackney

Reentering the grid is a challenging experience when planned and voluntary. When unexpected, arbitrary and not of your own making, it is doubly so. At times, the pragmatic aspects are overwhelming in their breadth, requiring an entire life to be …

Expedition Detritus

Posted ago by Douglas Hackney

Much to the chagrin of my long-suffering wife, I’m a bit of a pack rat, as well as a horizontal filer. What that translates into is an office that inevitably evolves into stacks of material covering every horizontal surface. To …

3rd World Gear

Posted ago by Douglas Hackney

Setting up a house can often be laborious, if not tedious, but there are some hidden joys. Such as unpacking all the motorcycle stuff that’s been stored in various locations around the U.S.A. for the last few years. While there were …

To Tell the Truth

Posted ago by Douglas Hackney

We were westbound on the Chile Chico road when we saw them. We’d been through the rough stretch from town to the mine and the subsequent narrow, single lane portion that clings to the cliffs along the south side of …

Emergency Beacon / GPS Tracker

Posted ago by Douglas Hackney

I just came across this company and their product launched 1 November, 2007. Small, lightweight and portable, it combines EPIRB type emergency beacon functions with a general purpose GPS locator tracker and simple “I’m OK” message functions. It looks like …

Money Creek, MN rally site destroyed by flash flood

Posted ago by Douglas Hackney

Message below from our Milwaukee friend Bob Grambling.   I met Bob at a sushi bar down the street from my apartment when I was living in downtown Milwaukee. We later attended many BMW rallies together, along with his partner …