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The Seekers

Posted ago by Douglas Hackney

December 25, 2004 It took some time to get our tree this year. We had a couple of abortive attempts, but one or the other of us was just not in the mood. Finally, a few weeks ago, we made …

America Knows No Tribe

Posted ago by Douglas Hackney

June 22, 2004    America knows no tribe.    This fact was first brought to light for me by a Sikkimese businessman during a three hourinterview I conducted with him on our trip to South Asia earlier this year.    …

e-Postcard from Sikkim, India

Posted ago by Douglas Hackney

April 12, 2004  I felt like Ralphie.  I couldn’t think of a single thing. My mind was as blank as a mid-winter Iowa cloud-covered sky.  Ralphie, hero of the classic film, A Christmas Story, in a final act of desperation …

e-Postcard from Darjeeline, India

Posted ago by Douglas Hackney

Please see the PDF file at: