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The Operator

Posted ago by Douglas Hackney

  If my foulies could talk, I’m sure they’d have expressed mixed feelings. Sure, they were grateful for finally breathing fresh air again after being packed away since sailing across the north Atlantic, but this was fresh water running off …

Northbound on Ruta 7

Posted ago by Douglas Hackney

04/09/2008 01:52:37 GMT 04/08/2008 21:52:37 Local It’s very dark now, but still raining hard, as it has for the last week or so. The work crew left a couple of hours ago. The hoe operator, who spent his time in …

Narrow Passages 2

Posted ago by Douglas Hackney

More recent narrow passages…

Bad Roads

Posted ago by Douglas Hackney

  “Bad roads bring good people.” – Mama Espinoza. That’s the most famous quote from the most famous woman of Baja California, a land of some pretty bad roads. Ruta 40 (Route 40) in Argentina is a long, and in …

Year One

Posted ago by Douglas Hackney

Just before midnight local time on the night of 27-28 August, 2005, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) weather buoy #42003, located in the Gulf of Mexico roughly at the intersection of a line directly south of Panama City, …