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One Lap of America

Posted ago by Douglas Hackney

PDF version of this document is here: Last year I met a European traveler in Argentina who spent six weeks in the United States a few years earlier. His six week visit gave him, in his opinion, total understanding …


Posted ago by Douglas Hackney

In the early 1900s Argentina was the second richest country in the world. In subsequent decades its middle class enjoyed a very high standard of living. The country was rich in seemingly infinite natural resources, copious crop producing areas whose …

Year One

Posted ago by Douglas Hackney

Just before midnight local time on the night of 27-28 August, 2005, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) weather buoy #42003, located in the Gulf of Mexico roughly at the intersection of a line directly south of Panama City, …

Today’s News

Posted ago by Douglas Hackney

June 23, 2004  I just read the newspaper for the first time in over six weeks.  That may not seem like too big of a deal, but I’ve been reading the paper every day there wasone available since I started …

America Knows No Tribe

Posted ago by Douglas Hackney

June 22, 2004    America knows no tribe.    This fact was first brought to light for me by a Sikkimese businessman during a three hourinterview I conducted with him on our trip to South Asia earlier this year.    …

The Footsteps of History

Posted ago by Douglas Hackney

June 5, 2004  Hello to all,  This morning I awoke to the soft pastel light of sunrise illuminating the two story high stone wall ofour bedroom. The light was filtered through the intricately carved stone latticework of the upperrow of …