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The 1192

Posted ago by Douglas Hackney

The 1192 – The 1192 climbs up the west side of Doi Inthanon, the highest mountain in Thailand. It’s a lesser known “snake road” in the mountains here, the roads that draw people from all over the world to experience …

Scooter Transport

Posted ago by Douglas Hackney

Scooter Transport – The scooter is the first step up the economic ladder for individuals and families in developing economies. It is usually the first large economic purchase and it is transformative in its ability to provide mobility to a …

To Tell the Truth

Posted ago by Douglas Hackney

We were westbound on the Chile Chico road when we saw them. We’d been through the rough stretch from town to the mine and the subsequent narrow, single lane portion that clings to the cliffs along the south side of …

South American Waypoints

Posted ago by Douglas Hackney

    I created a Garmin GPS data file containing South American waypoints from five sources. If you know of any other web sources of overlander’s SA waypoints, please email me and I will add them to this master file. The …

One Out, One In

Posted ago by Douglas Hackney

5 October, 2004  I was watching the GPS count down the kilometers.  We were riding down a dirt road on the outskirts of Beijing. It was a rough track, full of potholes, but lined with twin columns of trees, like …

Fire in the Hole!

Posted ago by Douglas Hackney

3 October 2004  “Fire in the Hole!”  I screamed it before I consciously thought about it.  To my right, Dennis, who tells horrific, blood curdling tales of blasting deep in the mines of Colorado, reacted as if he’d kissed the …