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Hitt Wash Crossing

Posted ago by Douglas Hackney

30 July, 2007 Hitt Wash Santa Maria Mountains Northwest Arizona, USA The white Toyota Tacoma pickup slowly moved into the water, dipping its front wheels in gradually and proceeding until the rears were also half submerged. It paused on the …

Ladies and Gentlemen

Posted ago by Douglas Hackney

The crowd of 8,000 was a ten on the scale of eclectic. From the upper stratosphere of the moneyed, to the denizens of the Free Box corner, to the blue collared working class whose cowboy hats were authentic, to the …

My Favorite Cubs Game

Posted ago by Douglas Hackney

One summer afternoon, sometime in the mid-80s, we were sitting around the kitchen table at my friend Floyd’s place. It was the 2nd story of a typical Chicago brick three flat in Wrigleyville. The back door was open, the flies …