Monthly Archives: May 2009

Fuso Update

Posted ago by Douglas Hackney

Our Fuso is still in South America. We’ve had some issues with the American shipping company we contracted to ship the truck from Guayaquil, Ecuador to Long Beach, California. It has been a very challenging and stressful experience so far, …

Kindle 2 Update

Posted ago by Douglas Hackney

Here’s an update on My Life With Kindle After a little less than one month of use, my Kindle 2 died. It was a horrible, distorted death, manifested by the unfortunate Lewis Carroll as illustrated here:   For those of …

The King is Dead

Posted ago by Douglas Hackney

Someday, we will all look back and reflect on how significant it was that we lived through the death of the American newspaper industry. Right now, however, it is pretty traumatic for those of us who grew up with a …