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Great post on lessons learned from world travel

Posted ago by Douglas Hackney

As most of you know, we spent most of the time between 2003 and 2009 exploring the world. We’ve got our own list of lessons learned from those travels here: Gary Arndt, who spent the last three years doing …

It’s a Small World After All

Posted ago by Douglas Hackney

  Americans don’t get out much. That should come as no surprise considering that, according to the U.S. State Department, only 27 percent of Americans hold a valid passport. That means that 73 percent of Americans couldn’t get out to …

One Lap of America

Posted ago by Douglas Hackney

PDF version of this document is here: Last year I met a European traveler in Argentina who spent six weeks in the United States a few years earlier. His six week visit gave him, in his opinion, total understanding …


Posted ago by Douglas Hackney

In the early 1900s Argentina was the second richest country in the world. In subsequent decades its middle class enjoyed a very high standard of living. The country was rich in seemingly infinite natural resources, copious crop producing areas whose …

Aren’t You Afraid?

Posted ago by Douglas Hackney

Please see the PDF document at: