The Room of Wakes


For 391 years no outsider walked the passageways.
For 391 years no outsider touched the walls.
For 391 years no outsider saw the interior.

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5 Responses to The Room of Wakes

  1. Bob Mueller says:

    Doug – your photos and story telling knock me out!


  2. Melody says:

    So very many things flew therough my mind when I read your words. What it might have been liked to live there and if I would have survived. (ok this is the place where you are nice and just nod your head, not snort or laugh out loud.) As always thank you!

  3. Bob G says:


  4. George Siede says:


    These photographs are truly amazing – equal to anything in National Geographic.


  5. Kemal says:

    Incredible colors, perfect frames… amazing.
    I almost felt the breeze in the doorway.