Angels 12


The Andean condor (Vultur gryphus) is one of the largest flying birds in the world with a wingspan of up to 10.5 feet / 3.2 meters and weighing up to 33 lbs. / 15 kg. It is a soaring bird, only flapping its wings about once an hour and unable to fly without the aid of thermal updrafts.
It is highly specialized for eating carrion, preferably the dead bodies of large animals such as cattle, deer or, of course, unlucky humans. Its beak is capable of easily ripping through tough, thick skin. Its head and long neck are featherless and suited to extending deep into its food.
Being a scavenger, the Andean condor generally prefers dead animals, but it is known to eat anything it considers dead.
The Andean condor roosts at elevations of 10,000 to 16,000 ft / 3,000 to 5,000 m, generally on bare rock. Because of its preference for very high altitudes it is rarely seen by humans. When an Andean condor is spotted, it is usually just a small, dark, slowly circling spot in the sky.
The general rule of thumb for humans is that if you are close enough to see an Andean condor’s face, it could be a very, very bad day. Click here for the rest of the story:


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