Two Books

Since I didn’t have much else going on, I also wrote a couple of books last year.The first, How The World Works, is a book of aphorisms, insights and life lessons inspired by my daughter asking me to teach her that subject.

The second, The Next Name, is historical fiction based on our visit to the site of one of the longest lived civilizations in the history of humanity, the Atacameños, in what is now the intersection of Chile, Bolivia and Argentina.

The web sites for the books are:

The How The World Works web site includes a Twitter feed that I’m using to post up additional aphorisms, teachings, bits of wisdom, etc. that I find out here in the world. You can read all the past How The World Works (HTWW) Twitter posts, as well as subscribe to (follow) the HTWW Twitter feed here:  (Thanks to my friend and marketing whiz Lee Wochner for the Twitter suggestion.)

Both books are available in hardcover, softcover (paperback) and Kindle format (at Amazon). You can purchase the book at Amazon, other online retailers, Barnes & Noble, and any retail book store. If you prefer to support your local independent book store, and I hope you do, you will probably need to order the books, as they are unlikely to be in stock.

The purchase links for Amazon and Barnes & Noble are on the book web sites, or you can search for the title or my name at online retailers and all of my titles will come up, or click here:
How The World Works
Barnes & Noble – Hardcover Softcover
The Next Name
Barnes & Noble – Hardcover Softcover



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