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The 1192

Posted ago by Douglas Hackney

The 1192 – The 1192 climbs up the west side of Doi Inthanon, the highest mountain in Thailand. It’s a lesser known “snake road” in the mountains here, the roads that draw people from all over the world to experience …

What’s missing?

Posted ago by Douglas Hackney

What’s missing in this photo?

The Duck

Posted ago by Douglas Hackney

8 March 2008 We did our first bit of Ruta Cuarenta (Route 40) today. Surprisingly, a short section was paved, but more than a hundred miles was its normal washboard, dirt, gravel and rock.       For the rest of …

The Falcon Sanctuary

Posted ago by Douglas Hackney

01 February 2008 12:06:37 GMT     I was a car guy most of my life. I became car aware pretty early. By the time I was eight or so I was making model distinctions. I blossomed into full scale …