The Falcon Sanctuary

01 February 2008
12:06:37 GMT
I was a car guy most of my life. I became car aware pretty early. By the time I was eight or so I was making model distinctions. I blossomed into full scale car lust after I turned 10 and we moved to Adel.
I have vivid memories of sitting in study hall reading a story in CarToons about the travails of a drag strip owner with skimpy crowds. While talking with a friend he pointed to the grandstand and said, “Those are MT, and I don’t mean Mickey Thompson.” That was the first time I’d seen the initials MT associated with the name Mickey Thompson, a certified deity in my young car guy universe.
48 years later, I would complete the MT circle by learning a lot about his life and, to the extent they will ever be known, the details of his murder, from one of my friends and from Mickey’s son, Danny. I learned a lot of the story from Danny while I leaned against Mickey’s world land speed record car, an object of my life’s dreams that I never imagined I would ever see in person, much less examine in leisurely detail.
But life is like that. If you put a question out there, if there is a circle that is not closed, life, the universe, God, can and will answer it, as long as you remain open to it.

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