Northern Patagonia



We’re in northern Patagonia.

I’m on the BGAN sat system, so this is the most expensive blog post you’ve ever read.

Here’s a couple of shots to give you a feel for the area.

It’s hard to see at this resolution, but that lake water is crystal clear. I’d estimate ~60+ feet / 20m visibility. There are at least nine waterfalls between the snow pack at the top of the mountain and the lake.

I thought there would be a gray area / blending zone between the Chilean and Argentinian cultures, but it is a sharp line of demarcation at the border. Argentinians here are equally wonderful, but very different than the Chileans.

More to follow when we get to an internet cafe.

And don’t expect too many more of these zillion dollar blog posts. I just fired up the Inmarsat BGAN system today to get it GPS locked into this hemisphere and ended up playing around with it for a while. My gadgeteering is your gain…


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