Follow Our Travels


Route Map

I added a route map of our travels to the web site. Click here for the route map:

Use the zoom control on the upper left corner of the map to zoom in on a specific location. You can click and drag the map or use the pan control to move the map around.

I updated the data located below the map to reflect our current status.

Data Files

I also added Google Earth format files for our tracks, waypoints, etc. Click here for the Google Earth files:

For those using Garmin software, the native Garmin files are here:


Frequency of Update

 I will update these files as we travel whenever I have access to the internet. That could be weekly in developed areas and monthly elsewhere.



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2 Responses to Follow Our Travels

  1. AuMiller says:

    We really enjoy “traveling” along with you. Your Dad has been so nice sending them along.
    What truly wonderful experiences you are having. Of interest this time was Chile as my brother was born there and my folks lived there for about 3 years! In the late 1920’s. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Jimmy Sones says:

    Doug, Every word! Every WORD I luxuriate in and enjoy in your travel logs……… “To Tell The Truth” priceless! “The Operator” magnificent…… I hold my breath between your posts…..
    warm regards to you both